Friday, April 21, 2017

Sunshine Is Delicious!

The sun is peeking out today!  I just love seeing all the the green shoots popping up!  Bring on the flowers!!! 

Today's card is for Prickley Pear.  I just love the Poppy Bud image and Prickley Pear has a collection of fun verses to add to any creation!  Sunshine is Delicious is the verse on this card.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Strands of Glitter....

Happy Tuesday!  Today I have a few Riley and Co cards for you....paired up with Funny Bones sentiments and Word Bubble Dies!

This first card featuring Felix the CatWord Bubbles Die Set-Circles, & Not Grey Hairs

 The next card features Felix with a Balloon, Word Bubbles Die Set-Squares, & Now That I'm Old.

I hand cut the hexagons for a fun design element.  Love me some scrap bin fun!

 My last card features Tucker the Dog, Word Bubbles Die Set-Circles, & Photosynthesis